Welcome Friends, Family

and Fellow Cattlemen,


We have strived every year to breed and raise the best seed stock that we can. For years we developed our Registered Simmental cattle base. Then we began to incorporate Registered Black Angus cattle into our bull business. We soon learned that there is great demand for the hybrid cross bulls theses two great breeds can create. SimAngus bulls were to be part of our future. Take the number one English genetic breed in the world and combine it with the number one Continental breed. Black Angus brings great calving-ease, maternal instinct, marbling, and convenience traits. Simmental adds muscling, carcass weight, explosive growth with moderate birth weights. We can offer the best in Angus, Simmental, and SimAngus..

We believe this is an outstanding set of bulls with eye appeal and performance suited for heifers as well as cows, and generating profits at the feed lot. Both the Simmental and Angus bulls will stand the test of time they are fertile, structurally sound, and easy fleshing.

We really enjoy being part of the American cattlemen's way of life. To be on the mountain on a good horse, having a good dog at your side, looking for that stray mother cow and calf. Bringing in a newly born calf to dry off during a surprise April blizzard. Watching the weather to see if you dare cut that hay that is past bloom. This is what we are all apart of as farmers and ranchers . The American cattlemen's way of life, and we LOVE IT!


Lyman Livestock